Security Group Limited

Manpower Services

  • Licensed Security and Occupational First Aid Officers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Corporate Security
  • Concierge Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Close Personnel Protection
  • Industrial Dispute Management
  • Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response
  • Professional Dog Handlers
  • Gate House Duties
  • Emergency Response
  • Community Policing
  • Event Security Management
  • Maritime Security

a photo of a worker at the mining site

Specialsied Construction & Mine Site Security Systems

Our engineers allow for the ever changing geography of projects to maintain continuous connectivity between sites.

The design and equipment chosen are extremely robust to withstand the tortures of mining activity and major construction.

All Electronic Control Systems Group systems are designed to use best-available technology, with attention paid to detail such as ensuring security of power supply, backups constructability issues including integration into existing structures, and capacity for future upgrades and expansions.

Mining sites are dynamic ever changing and typically comprised of large exposed areas indifferently secured through pressures of time convenience and cost.

Analysis has shown that a corporation’s largest cost in terms of loss is likely to be through its own staff, both directly and indirectly.

Electronic Control Systems Group’s guards can actively assist employees to avoid the consequences of carelessness and lack of understanding with regard to good security requirements.